A Thanksgiving Moment

I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on everything that I have to be grateful and thankful for. I will always be thankful for finding Don.  He is the most wonderful husband to put up with all the times that I am being such a pain in the a**.  I really don’t know what I would do without him.  He might have come to me late in life, but it was definitely meant to be.  I can never say enough about the joys of my son Hunter.  From the day that he was born, I have been in awe of him.  And yesterday, as he stood in my living room and told me that he was going to be a daddy himself, it was completely overwhelming.  I am grateful that he found a wonderful girl who loves him, respects him and makes him happy. I am thankful that I still have both of my parents.  I am luckier than a lot of people in that aspect.  I have two wonderful stepchildren, whom I love very much. I have a great brother and sister and an extended family through them.  With lots of families, there is a lot of drama involved in the relationships.  I am very grateful that we have never had all of the drama in our family. There is a lot of respect and we enjoy each other.  I have fantastic friends that I have had for a lifetime, a couple in particular and I have made some great new friends recently through work.  I have a new job that I love and look forward to each day.  It is very important not to lose your focus on all of the wonderful things in your life.  Always remember what is important.


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