Should I Get a Building Permit?

This is actually a topic that is sometimes discussed heavily and at other times completely ignored.  If I want to change my garage into a man cave, what’s the big deal?  Most frequent response that I hear…why should I have to pay someone to tell me what I can do with my own property?”  Ever hear that one?  It is actually a big can of worms that you really need to understand up front.  I have no intention on giving advice on this topic other than, if you are planning to do any remodeling, call your local planning department and ask them what the requirements are.  There are tax ramifications, legal ramifications and did you know that if you build something without a legal building permit the county can have you tear it down??  As a real estate agent I run into this issue everyday as I am showing buyers homes or listing homes. The value or square footage of the house does not match the tax records.  I would love to hear some of your opinions on this hot topic.  If you are going to remodel….do you think you should have to get it permitted?


To Stage or Not To Stage

We had a great meeting today at our Real Estate Office with Abracadabra Home Staging of Raeford, NC.  We are constantly trying to improve the service that we give to our clients.  With so many houses on the market today, we need to make sure that the houses that we list highlight their best features and stand out among the masses.  Thus, we called on the expertise of Tameka, the home staging magician.  She gave us a lot of good advice and information today that will help us help our sellers.  I intend to hire her to help me improve the marketability of a house that I recently listed.  The house has so much potential and Tameka will go in and work with the home owner to showcase that potential.  I know that the work that she will do will greatly improve my chances to help the owner sell her house sooner.  I’ll keep you informed on our transformation of the target house and our results. Contact me if you want Tameka’s contact information.

Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Mortgage

We have discussed loan programs for home owners and renovation loans, but I have several investors that are searching for loans that will cater to their needs.  This week I had a great preliminary discussion with a local lender, Thelma Underwood of Prospect Mortgage, here in Fayetteville, NC.  We were discussing the Fannie Mae HomePath Renovation Mortgage.  This loan is available for owner-occupied primary residences, second homes and investment properties.  It would give investors the opportunity to get renovation loans if they were to purchase HomePath homes.  Contact me if you would like more information and I can also put you in contact with Thelma if you would like to speak with her about your options.

What Are You Looking For in A Real Estate Agent?

Different approach today.  Instead of me telling you what you should be looking for in a Real Estate Agent, why don’t you tell me what you would like to have.  If you are moving to Fayetteville, NC, what kind of help do you expect?  What kind of preparation and how much assistance do you want?  Is your expectation different if you are just upgrading from one home to another locally?  If you are considering selling your home, how can a real estate agent help you the most?  Tell me what it is that you expect and I will show you how we can deliver on your expectations.

What is My House Worth Today?

I love working with sellers. I like helping a seller market their house so that they can sell it in a timely manner. A lot of people are currently considering whether they can sell their home for a price that they are comfortable with. Unfortunately we all know that there has been a negative inpact on the value of our homes in the last several years. I frequently am asked to provide someone with an analysis of what their house is worth. This can range from a fairly simple process for some houses to a very time consuming task for others. What I am able to provide is a comparative market analysis, backed by data, that shows you what your house should be worth in the current market. I can also help you to figure out how to take that number and back out the expenses of selling it so that you can derive your net profit. I am not here to tell you whether you should sell your house or not. I am here to provide you with as much accurate information as I can to help you make the best decision that you can. So, if you are considering a move, whether in the next couple of months or longer, please contact a real estate professional and ask them to provide you with a CMA and Net Profit Worksheet to assist you in your decision. Use our expertise to your advantage.

Customer Service or The Lack of

What are your expectations of customer service?  My expectations must be too high, as I am often appalled by the lack of customer service and general respect in many professions.  I don’t feel that it is in any particular career or profession.  I do run into some very dedicated people that love their job and it shows in their performance.  I just have become frustrated over the last couple of weeks with the number of people that don’t communicate well, that won’t return phone calls or emails and that do not seem to conduct their business with any degree of professionalism.  I know that this is simply venting, but I take my profession very seriously and I want it to be represented well.  It is okay though, if you do not want your business to grow, continue with your current uncaring attitude.  I will be glad to help your clients and customers when they move on to find someone that responds to them promptly, cares about their success and treats them with respect.  I feel much better now.  Thank you, I have realized just how much you are actually helping me to be successful.