If I’m Buying a House, Should I Use a Real Estate Agent?

In most states, it is not required, so should I have one or can I do it myself?  Besides the fact that this will be one of the largest financial commitments in your life, oh… that is the reason…it is one of the largest financial commitments in your life.  There is usually no direct cost to the buyer for the agent.  The agents commission is usually paid by the seller. And the seller usually has a real estate agent representing them.  So don’t you want the same representation?  The real estate agent has access to more resources than the average person.  This gives you more information with which to make your decision.  The real estate agent can help with the negotiations.  And your real estate agent can help you navigate the numerous processes, inspections and forms that are required to close on a house.  Do not think that you lose control if you sign with a real estate agent to represent you.  It is still your decision — which house, how much, what terms.  Your agent is there to support and protect you.  And this is what I learned today in the world of real estate in Fayetteville, NC.


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