Entitled Buyers

I work with both buyers and sellers.  Each brings different challenges and rewards.  I do have a question for you about buyers’ expectations. How do you guide your buyer in their expectations of seller concessions.  I have run into several buyers lately that seem to feel as if they are entitled to certain seller concessions, such as all repairs completed, all closing costs paid and adding concessions as the deal progresses.  Now, I admit, that in the current market climate in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area, that it has been a buyer’s market and the buyers have expected some, if not all, of their closing costs to be paid.  But, and I emphasize this, you are not buying a new house and it will not be perfect.  I feel that the purpose of a home inspection is to make sure that you are not buying anything with hidden problems.  I do not think that it is a reason to make a 5 page list to expect the seller to repair every little imperfection in the house. If I am representing a buyer, then I will do everything in my power to represent and support them, but I will always caution them to proceed with common sense and prioritize their concerns. What is your opinion?


Living in Fayetteville, NC

ImageWhen I first speak with people that are planning to relocate to the Fayetteville area, they usually ask me questions about the area.  I tell them that one of the nicest aspects of Fayetteville is the location.  I can get up in the morning and be sitting on the beach in about 1 1/2 hours.  If I decide to go west instead of east, I can be in the mountains in about 3 1/2 hours.  What a fantastic choice!! It is my favorite aspect of this location. What is your favorite part of living in Fayetteville?

A Rehabbed Bargain

Hunters View 071
I have had the honor to work closely with a family that has made a couple of real estate purchases here in Fayetteville. They are from NY and most recently they purchased a short sale and it was in really bad condition. The house itself was well made and structurally sound. The issues were extensive cosmetic ones inside. The buyers were able to see beyond the issues and they came up with a plan to renovate the house and resale it. They opened the space up by removing a wall, closing in an outside door and installing a window. Everything in the house is new. Upgraded kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, new tile, carpet and laminate floors, new plumbing fixtures, new HVAC system and new windows. It is not just the fact that it was remodeled, but the quality of the work is outstanding. This house, listed for $108,000, is an absolute bargain with the number of upgrades that were added to it. If you are interested in learning more about this house, visit our website at http://www.debbiewaitleyrealtor.com and search for 905 Hunters View Drive, Fayetteville, NC. The pictures will amaze you and you will be on the phone, calling to schedule your private showing.

Lots of Space in Hope Mills, NC

ImageI have a great house for sale in Hope Mills, NC.  It is in a great location, in the back of a neighborhood, with the yard backing up to a wooded area.  I really would like to get some potential buyers out to look at it.  Like most properties, it does have pros and cons and I would like to take a few minutes to take you on a tour. It starts with location, which I have already described.  It has a sloping back yard, which a lot of people do not like. But this gives the opportunity for a high deck that overlooks the wooded area behind the house, giving it a kind of resort feel. There is a nice, spacious dog run in the corner of the yard that stays. There are also several fruit trees planted in the backyard. The front of the house has a large, deep porch, perfect for multiple rocking chairs. Inside the house, you enter by way of a foyer, which leads into the great room. The great room is large enough for your big furniture and the fireplace is the focal point. The eat in kitchen also has a dining bar, which adds space to your dining area. The kitchen is roomy with a bay window that lets in a lot of light. The master and two bedrooms are downstairs. Upstairs is a great surprise! At the top of the stairs is a wonderful, large landing with multiple built in bookshelves. Everyone can use extra storage!! There is a forth bedroom, plus a bonus room. The children’s bedrooms are brightly painted in their favorite colors. Some people do not like the colors, but really, for the competitive price that this house is listed at, plus a painting allowance, can you not have the house painted before you move in?? The house, with four bedrooms, plus a bonus room, at 2300 square feet, is only listed at $169,000, well below other houses of this size in Hope Mills. So, if you would like to take an actual tour and see this house, contact me and I will be glad to arrange it.

What’s Different in Our Market

This spring is different from last spring here in the Fayetteville, Fort Bragg, NC area.  There is more buyer interest.  There are less homes on the market and I see homes beginning to sell faster.  If you are a buyer’s agent, you need to prepare your buyers for the negotiation process.  Sellers will not always jump at the first offer gratefully.  I have had a lot more of the deals that I am working on require more up front negotiation than just a year ago.  As an agent, you must be able to negotiate and communicate clearly with your clients.  Make sure that you help them, whether they are the buyer or seller, establish more realistic goals in their negotiation.  Sometimes you have to remind them of what is important.  The end goal is to get the home your buyer wants or the price your seller wants. 

A Short Sale Bargain on Highway 87

I have a listing located halfway between Sanford and Spring Lake, NC just off of Highway 87.  If you lived there it would be a quick, straight drive to Fort Bragg.  The house has a grand, traditional look with a large front porch.  The front yard slopes away from the house, giving the appearance of the house sitting up on a hill. When you enter the house, the living room flows into the kitchen area.  The kitchen has a wonderful, moveable island, that is super functional. And although the kitchen has a large eat in area, the home also has a formal dining room.  To finish off the downstairs is a lovely sunroom.  Who doesn’t want a  sunroom??  The surprise comes upstairs with the media room with an attached office area.  Lots of space! ! I’ll tell you  that the downside to the home is the lack of fabulous landscaping to match the fabulous interior. Do you know what we call that?  We call that opportunity!  So for only $178,000, you could have 2500 sq ft, a sunroom and a media room.  Call me today to see itImage.