What Sets Us Apart From Other Real Estate Agents

Last night Stefanie and I were having a discussion about listing appointments.  Sometimes when we are approached by potential clients about putting their house on the market the client has already made up their mind.  They have chosen us as their agent and our meeting with them is a planning meeting to make sure that we set the price correctly, cover the process and make sure that their property is show ready.  Sometimes when we are contacted we are going for an interview for the position.  This is the opportunity to show how we are different and how we would handle the listing that might be better than another agent.  This is actually a good thing.  It makes us evaluate our processes and learn to verbalize our worth.  Some people do not like to be challenged, but if handled correctly and with the right attitude, it makes us much better at what we do.  It keeps complacency at bay and sharpens your skills.  I may not have been in business as long as some of the agents around Fayetteville that have been here for 20 plus years, but that does not mean that I am not good at what I do.  If fact, years experience does not guarantee the best service.  Stefanie and I discussed the mechanics that we have in place to insure that the properties that we list are marketed to their fullest.  We discussed the honest communication that is needed to prepare properties to show at their best potential and the best price. And we discussed our committment to our clients.  I look forward in the future of continually adding to my level of experience, but I believe strongly that Homes in Motion Realty has a lot to offer their clients, buyers or sellers.  Just ask any of our prior or current clients.  Hope to hear from you soon, would love to assist you in your real estate transaction.


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