Investor Resources

I’m excited because EXIT Realty, which I am affiliated with, is taking a proactive approach with the trend towards investor purchases in real estate.  With so many great deals on the market, we have seen a steep increase in first time investors.  This is normally people who want to purchase a home that needs varying degrees of mostly cosmetic repairs and then turn around and rent the home.  Even  larger investors are still trying to tap into the rental market after they renovate.  Flipping houses and selling them after the rehab is not quite as attractive today with the low housing prices.  Exit has an excellent website, that all investors need to visit and check out.  It will provide them with a lot of valuable information.  We also have the worksheets available now to plug-in a house price and put in other parameters and it gives us a cash flow analysis.  It’s a great tool that we can play with to predict the outcome depending upon various factors, such as purchase price, depreciation, rental price, etc.  It is just another exciting tool that EXIT is providing to its agents and clients to improve their real estate experience. Contact me if you have any questions about the program.


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