Fire Your Real Estate Agent?

What do you mean, fire your real estate agent? This is a person, whether you are buying a home or selling your house, that you are trusting one of the biggest financial transactions of your life with.  You enter into a contract with them.  But what if you are not pleased with your interaction with them or the results after you have signed on the dotted line? I recommend professionally speaking with them first and explain why you feel that they are not meeting your expectations. Give them the opportunity to correct the issues.  If, after a reasonable period of time, you do not see the desired results, you do have the right to terminate your agreement.   I am not advocating for everyone to run out and fire their agent, I am just informing you that you do have options to rectify a bad situation.  Even better, do your research up front and interview agents before you make your choice.  It is a large financial commitment.  Don’t you deserve the best person representing you in that transaction?


What is My House Worth Today?

I love working with sellers. I like helping a seller market their house so that they can sell it in a timely manner. A lot of people are currently considering whether they can sell their home for a price that they are comfortable with. Unfortunately we all know that there has been a negative inpact on the value of our homes in the last several years. I frequently am asked to provide someone with an analysis of what their house is worth. This can range from a fairly simple process for some houses to a very time consuming task for others. What I am able to provide is a comparative market analysis, backed by data, that shows you what your house should be worth in the current market. I can also help you to figure out how to take that number and back out the expenses of selling it so that you can derive your net profit. I am not here to tell you whether you should sell your house or not. I am here to provide you with as much accurate information as I can to help you make the best decision that you can. So, if you are considering a move, whether in the next couple of months or longer, please contact a real estate professional and ask them to provide you with a CMA and Net Profit Worksheet to assist you in your decision. Use our expertise to your advantage.

Why Do You Do What You Do?

I have recently changed careers.  I really liked what I did for the last ten years, but when I decided to go into real estate recently, it was because I had wanted to do this for years, but never made the move.  In this day and age, it is extremely hard to leave a steady income and a career that you completely understand and are good at, to take a chance on a new career based on commission.  I can honestly say that I made a good decision.  I am doing something that I really enjoy. I am working very hard, which I enjoy and I am learning so much every day.  I can tell you what I will be working the hardest at though, and that is to not lose the enthusiasm for the job that I feel right now.  I see so many people going about their jobs with such a feeling of routine that they exude boredom.  I do not ever want to be one of those people.  I see that in some of the real estate agents that I have met, but you see it in every career.  I don’t want to be so cynical that I think that everyone is one notch above an idiot.  I want to treat each person that I meet with respect, whether they are a potential client or not.  I want to be directly honest with everyone that I deal with.  I want to help you understand a process that can be daunting and confusing.  I am very lucky to have decided to work with a group of people who care about what they do and care about other people.  I am comfortable that I will learn how to do the job correctly and with compassion. I would be very interested to know how each of you keep yourself motivated to go to work every day with a great attitude, so please feel free to respond.  Thank you in advance.

Thinking of Selling Your House?

People sell their houses for different reasons.  They may have to relocate because of employment or the military.  They may be considering a larger house or a smaller one, because their family needs have changed.  A more prevalent reason lately has been because of economic hardship, maybe caused by unemployment.  What ever the reason, there is usually emotion attached to making the decision and throughout the process.  The reason that a person is selling maybe involuntary and so there may be anguish about a move.  Even if the move is voluntary, there is often an emotional attachment to the house because of family events that occurred while you resided there or maybe you  personalized the house and put a lot of yourself in it.  Either way, it is a huge, important decision and you have to be very careful that the decisions that you are making are not based off of emotion.  One of the largest stumbling blocks for most sellers to get past is their impression of what their house is worth and what it is really worth in the market today.  Having the right real estate advisor guiding you through this process is extremely important.  The advisor can give you an impartial, informed comparative analysis of your home.  They will pull statistics of comparable houses that have sold recently and show you how your house compares.
The real estate advisor can give you unbiased advise on how to present your house.  Yes, maybe your favorite color is hot pink and you are really happy that your living room and your dining room reflect your personality, but $100 of paint may be the difference in whether you home sells or not.  Remember, the final decisions on any aspects of selling your home are entirely up to you, but do consider getting professional advice from a trained realtor to help you get the most out of the transaction.