A Rehabbed Bargain

Hunters View 071
I have had the honor to work closely with a family that has made a couple of real estate purchases here in Fayetteville. They are from NY and most recently they purchased a short sale and it was in really bad condition. The house itself was well made and structurally sound. The issues were extensive cosmetic ones inside. The buyers were able to see beyond the issues and they came up with a plan to renovate the house and resale it. They opened the space up by removing a wall, closing in an outside door and installing a window. Everything in the house is new. Upgraded kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, new tile, carpet and laminate floors, new plumbing fixtures, new HVAC system and new windows. It is not just the fact that it was remodeled, but the quality of the work is outstanding. This house, listed for $108,000, is an absolute bargain with the number of upgrades that were added to it. If you are interested in learning more about this house, visit our website at http://www.debbiewaitleyrealtor.com and search for 905 Hunters View Drive, Fayetteville, NC. The pictures will amaze you and you will be on the phone, calling to schedule your private showing.

To Stage or Not To Stage

We had a great meeting today at our Real Estate Office with Abracadabra Home Staging of Raeford, NC.  We are constantly trying to improve the service that we give to our clients.  With so many houses on the market today, we need to make sure that the houses that we list highlight their best features and stand out among the masses.  Thus, we called on the expertise of Tameka, the home staging magician.  She gave us a lot of good advice and information today that will help us help our sellers.  I intend to hire her to help me improve the marketability of a house that I recently listed.  The house has so much potential and Tameka will go in and work with the home owner to showcase that potential.  I know that the work that she will do will greatly improve my chances to help the owner sell her house sooner.  I’ll keep you informed on our transformation of the target house and our results. Contact me if you want Tameka’s contact information.

Curb Appeal

I’m the type of person that is riding down the road and I’m checking out houses and lawns as I go.  Oh, I love that garden. I need to add that flowering plant to my yard.  Mmm, they need to cut those large shrubs down in front of their house.  OMG, what were they thinking?!!  Now, my husband on the other hand, would not notice any yard/lawn/garden other than his own.  And I sometimes think that he never notices our yard, unless I get behind on the mowing.  With that said, if you are trying to sell your house, that first impression from the street does matter a great deal!  A majority of the buyers out there looking are making a preliminary decision as they drive through the neighborhood and pull up in front of the house.  There are a few buyers out there that can see past the overgrown weeds and unpruned shrubbery to see the potential, but the vast majority are influenced positively by a well-kept, manicured yard.  By well-kept and manicured, I do not mean that you have to spend thousands on landscaping.  The quickest improvement that most sellers can make is to prune overgrown shrubbery to allow people to actually see all aspects of the house.  This is a very simple, low-cost fix and really makes a difference.  It is also very easy to plant a few in-season flowers. There is nothing more welcoming than a little color around the front yard and front door.  Another low-cost improvement.  And the most impact for your money will come from cleaning the outside of your house and porch.  Let the buyers pull up in your driveway and see a clean, neat well maintained house and yard with welcoming flowers.  It allows them to start feeling that this could possibility be their next home!  Do you have any little tricks or suggestions that the rest of us can use to improve our curb appeal?  We would love to hear from you!