A Vegatable Garden is Possible

I grew up on a farm. We always had a garden. It was not a trend or a fad, it was just a fact of life. When I first went out on my own, I had a huge garden. Weeded, harvested, canned. Then, as so often happens, life gets busy. Moving, work, kids, no time for a garden. I’m getting back to basics. I realize the limitations on my time. I can’t have a big garden, yet. So I started small, I intend to expand slightly. One tomato plant, one cucumber plant, 3 different pepper plants and we had more than we could eat this summer. Soon I will be planting a couple of fall vegetables, maybe some onions. What a great and productive feeling! You should try it. Doesn’t have to be big. Start small.


A Vegetable Garden is Possible

2 thoughts on “A Vegetable Garden is Possible

  1. Hi, everything looks like it is very happy in your small veg plot! I quite agree, small spaces can produce a good crop and it is so satisfying. By the sound of it, your garden will expand as you get back into it. Good luck (although you are obviously a greenfingered woman already!

    • I was a little optimistic with the cucumber and tomato plant in the same small place. I had not anticipated how very large they would get. We had abundant rain this summer and they grew to hyper size. I’ll add another bed next spring and split them up. Very relaxing and rewarding!

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