So You Need To Get Your House Sold

So, you need to get your house sold.  Join the thousands in the Fayetteville, NC area that are in the same position.  The news keeps talking about how the real estate market has changed to a seller’s market and there are beginning to be housing shortages.  Please don’t get too excited yet.  You need to make sure that you get your information from a local, experienced realtor, not Zillow or  Although it may be true that the overall market in the US is making a comeback, you have to remember that in our area, we never experienced the deep decreases in market value that some areas experienced.  And while it is true that we did see some decreases, Fort Bragg was a wonderful buffer in our locale.  So while it is always advisable to keep up on the latest trends, it is definitely wise to focus locally when you are considering placing your house on the market.   It really does not matter what the housing prices in Las Vegas are when you are listing your house in Raeford, NC. Seek local, professional advice.


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