Why Should You List Your House With Me?

This is the question that my broker in charge asked all of us last week.  She told us to be prepared to answer this question at our weekly meeting this week.  Basically she wanted to know what each of us thought was the  reason that we felt that someone should choose us and entrust us with marketing and selling their house over all of the other available agents.  Here is my answer: ” I can promise you that you will not find anyone else that will work as hard for you as I will.  What you should be looking for is someone that is educated and informed in the current market. (And I am.  I make sure that I stay current by attending continuing education classes, reading trade magazines and reading current articles on the internet.  I also study numbers from our mls to understand the local market) You need someone with an attention to detail. (I will make sure that from the curb to the basement, your house is prepared to show at its best.  I will give you the information to help you price your house very competitively.)  And most of all, you need someone committed to you and the sale of your house (From fresh fliers in the brochure box out front to daily postings on Craigslist, I will continuously evaluate the marketing strategy for your house).  So, remember, you will not find anyone that will work any harder  to market your house than I will.  And that is a promise!


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