When Will the Market Tilt From Buyers to Sellers?

Of course, if I could easily answer this question for you, I would be answering it from my villa, at the top of the mountain, on my private island, that could only be reached by one of my private planes.  As it is, I can only give you my humble opinion.  I think that buyers are still in a good position at this point.  There are still lots of homes available on the market here in Fayetteville.  We have a lot of resale  and new homes available.  The interest rates are still low and appealing.  Home prices are still low, compared to several years ago.  When will all of this change? I can’t tell you exactly, I just know that it will.  I expect to see home prices rise and homes to be on the market for shorter periods of time before they are purchased.  At that point, sellers may begin to fight back a little and not give in to all of the buyers’ demands.   As in other cycles of life, we will watch the housing market cycle back around again.


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