Should I Rent or Can I Purchase

I continually run into people that tell me that they would really like to buy, but they assume that they would not qualify, so they continue to rent.   In the Fayetteville, NC rental market, if you qualify, it can be much cheaper to purchase than to rent.  There is a very strong rental market here, so rental prices  tend to be higher and moderately priced properties are scarce.  And it may be true that you do not qualify to purchase right now, but my advice to you is to speak with a mortgage loan officer and let them assess your situation.  Sometimes we find out that there are a couple of quick easy fixes, such as pay off a particular bill, that will drastically improve your situation.  Your mortgage loan officer can give you an idea of what your time frame is to reach the sweet spot where you can purchase.  That information will give you guidelines to follow to reach your ultimate goal of home ownership.  Information is always a good thing!


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