I Need to Sell My House/I Need a Real Estate Agent

If you are planning to move anytime in the next 5 or 6 months, you need to be talking to a real estate agent now.  We are moving into the period where there will be a lot of buyers seriously looking and you need to be ready.  Find a real estate agent that you are comfortable with and ask them to show you how they will market your house.  Ask them for references.  Your agent should be responsive to you.  If they will not respond to you quickly before they list your house, what makes you think that they will after they have it on the market.  Choose an agent that communicates well with you.  Having your house on the market can be stressful and you need someone that is giving you timely and accurate information.  When you pick the right agent, be willing to listen to them, as they bring their expertise to the table.  There are many steps to getting your house sold, but the first logical step is to team up with a good real estate agent to assist you throughout the process.  And by the way, if you don’t already know a good agent, call me.  I’ll take care of you.


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