Should I Get a Building Permit?

This is actually a topic that is sometimes discussed heavily and at other times completely ignored.  If I want to change my garage into a man cave, what’s the big deal?  Most frequent response that I hear…why should I have to pay someone to tell me what I can do with my own property?”  Ever hear that one?  It is actually a big can of worms that you really need to understand up front.  I have no intention on giving advice on this topic other than, if you are planning to do any remodeling, call your local planning department and ask them what the requirements are.  There are tax ramifications, legal ramifications and did you know that if you build something without a legal building permit the county can have you tear it down??  As a real estate agent I run into this issue everyday as I am showing buyers homes or listing homes. The value or square footage of the house does not match the tax records.  I would love to hear some of your opinions on this hot topic.  If you are going to remodel….do you think you should have to get it permitted?


One thought on “Should I Get a Building Permit?

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