Customer Service or The Lack of

What are your expectations of customer service?  My expectations must be too high, as I am often appalled by the lack of customer service and general respect in many professions.  I don’t feel that it is in any particular career or profession.  I do run into some very dedicated people that love their job and it shows in their performance.  I just have become frustrated over the last couple of weeks with the number of people that don’t communicate well, that won’t return phone calls or emails and that do not seem to conduct their business with any degree of professionalism.  I know that this is simply venting, but I take my profession very seriously and I want it to be represented well.  It is okay though, if you do not want your business to grow, continue with your current uncaring attitude.  I will be glad to help your clients and customers when they move on to find someone that responds to them promptly, cares about their success and treats them with respect.  I feel much better now.  Thank you, I have realized just how much you are actually helping me to be successful.


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