Local Hero Housing Connection

Last year, the agents in the office of Exit Realty 1st Class II sat down and discussed how was the best way for us to give back to the community. We don’t want to get so involved in “working” that we forget to contribute to our community. We decided that we wanted to recognize certain groups, that we deemed our heroes, by offering them a cash rebate when we were able to help them buy or sell a house/land or business. I know that there are a lot of companies that give discounts and rebates to the military, especially in our area. We expanded our group of heroes to include, not only the military, but the military contractors, law enforcement, 911 dispatchers, firefighters, EMT’s and anyone in education. I also believe that the difference in what we do and what other companies do (which I am sure that most people don’t understand) is that the cash rebate that we give actually comes out of our commission. Our recognition of your efforts comes straight out of our individual pockets and it is entirely voluntary. So when I proudly tell you of our LHHC program, you can know that I am giving you a substantial part of my earnings because I truly believe that you are a hero. Thank you for what you do for our families and communities. Call or email me today for details on how you can get a cash rebate.


Local Hero Housing Connection

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