I Can’t Sell My House!!

It is true, it is definitely a buyers’ market right now.  With that being said, there are buyers out there.  We have multiple inquiries every day.  So houses are selling. But, there are many reasons why your house may not be selling, even though it has been on the market for a while.  Some of these reasons can be addressed and put you back in a competitive position.  If you are not currently working with a real estate agent, I suggest you find one that you are comfortable with.  The main reason that people try to sell their house themselves is so that they do not have to pay a commission.  If you are not in a hurry to sell, that may not be a problem.  If you  run the numbers and add up the months that your house is sitting on the market and you are making house payments, it adds up very quickly and you can find that it would have been more cost-effective to have that agent working for you. What can an agent do for you?  To start with they will do a CMA, comparative market analysis.  This tells you how you can fairly price your house in the current housing market.  Price is the number 1 search criteria that people use.  An agent can also give you an impartial, unbiased, unemotional assessment of how your house shows, both inside and out.  Curb appeal does matter.  Agents have a massive internet presence, which is the number 1 way that people are searching for a home.  Your home that is listed with an agent has the ability to be seen by millions.  And last, but not least, when that buyer is found, your agent can help guide you through the legal process of closing that sale.  I encourage you to interview real estate agents and find one that you are comfortable with.  In the current market, you need every advantage that you can get.


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