Halloween is Here

Whether you rent or own your home, whether you have children or not, it is hard to ignore Halloween.  Yes, it is a very commercial holiday, but you can enjoy it as time to spend with your children, decorate your home or just enjoy the children coming to your door.  I live out in the country, so we never actually have children coming to the door.  My child is grown and decorating his own home.
But I do love to decorate.  I would say that my style is a little understated.  I have fall/autumn type decor placed sparingly around the house.  I love candles and lights and use them freely.  I have never gone all out decorating outside.  Love to see it on other houses, but don’t usually do it myself.  My decorations should be able to phase right into the Thanksgiving season.  What is your decorating style?  Post some pictures of your home and share your decorating tips for the holidays with us.  I love to get ideas from others.  And don’t forget, if you want to update your decorations, buy new ones for the next year when they go on sale this year.  Have a happy and SAFE Halloween!


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