Farming and Real Estate

I’m sitting in the living room last night catching up with my husband about our day and I told him that I was preparing to farm a subdivison.  Well, my husband is actually a farmer (kind of), you know the agricultural kind, so I have completely confused him.  So, I have to take a little time and explain the concept of real estate farming to him.  Basically, you choose a neighborhood or subdivision to create a relationship with.  I will advertise myself throughout the neighborhood and over a period of time, my name will become known to some of the residents of the neighborhood.  Hopefully I can be there to answer some questions for them or explain some processes that might make their decision-making about real estate easier.  The first step will be to send a letter to every house in the neighborhood and introduce myself.  Within a month, I will take a few walks through the neighborhood and introduce myself in person.  Over the next 6 months, I will send out a couple of mailings with some helpful information.  I am advertising myself, but I need to hold up my end of the bargain that I am advertising.  We believe in customer service and in repeat business and referrals.  You get that by treating people well.  So, I’m going to farm my little plot, see what grows and hopefully have a good harvest that will benefit the community and myself.


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