Door Knocking- a Technical Term

We are well aware of the advantages of technology in business and advertising now, as evidenced by my endeavors to start this blog.  But, in harsh contrast, it was very refreshing to spend the morning door knocking.  This concept is pretty self-explanatory, but for those of you that do not understand yet, let me expound on the topic.  We had gotten two listings within the last week in an established neighborhood in Fayetteville.  On this beautiful fall morning, armed with our descriptive fliers, we descended upon this unsuspecting neighborhood.  For an hour and a half, in pairs, we walked from one house to another and rang the doorbell or knocked on the door (hence the name).  Although this may sound archaic, and a lot of people were at work, it was refreshing to have a couple of productive conversations with people face to face and answer their questions.  My advice, as in any other business investment, is to diversify.  A combination of the new, cutting edge and the old and proven methods will work in combination to yield higher results for you.  Let me know if you have another method of getting the word out…


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